aw, sugar.

so the roomie/bestie identifies as pansexual and that’s fine and dandy but

like she doesnt “”“believe”“”” in bisexuality

her reason is “in the end bisexuals are going to choose one sex to be with so they are either straight or gay, not bisexual”

the problem with this statement is she’s only expressed sexual attraction and interest in cishet guys

she’s only kissed girls when drunk, had sex with our other female friend once when drunk

she’s engaged to a  guy. she “chose” a guy in the end, so in her words she’s now straight instead of pansexual anymore, right???

ugh idec about all this sexuality mumbo jumbo alphabet soup stuff but whenever she and i start talking about sexuality i just wanna bang my head against the wall

"omg i want to meet smosh omg i would literally die if i met them omg i hope they pick my video i worked so hard on my fort and i love smosh so much omg i want to meet them so bad i swear"

yeah, you and 2 million other people. So shut up and cross your fingers like the rest of us (who live in the US, are between the ages of 13 and 18, did not use sound or copyrighted images in their video, and made the video less than 3 minutes). :)

posted 2 years ago