When you have two teenage (I’m 19, that still counts as a teenager dammit!) girls living in a small room, things tend to get dirty and fucked really quickly. My sister, her two friends, my friend, and I all cleaned this room within an hour. And I don’t mean getting everything off the floor like how we usually clean it. I mean throwing old shit away, straightening our dressers and clothes up, making our beds, and utilizing our small living space. Pictures under the cut!

from the doorway, this is what the room looked like an hour ago:

blankets and clothes on the floor, clothes on the stairs, trash and cords everywhere, oh hell no.


Since we move a lot of the perfume bottles around and set stuff up there randomly (like phones or drinks) it gets messy!

general hair/make-up “vanity” area & closet:

trying to get ready in the morning with all that really sucked.

now for the after pictures, everything unfucked!!


we still need to vacuum, but everything is in it’s own little spot and out of the way! That back corner still looks messy but it’s not :o)

vanity area & closet:

my sister still needs to put her shoes up (they’re hiding in the closet) but other than that, everything is clean! Now we can get to our hair stuff and makeup quickly and not make a mess anymore.


 (still needs a little bit more work up top). everything is mostly organized, things that aren’t needed (like the sublock) go underneath so that it’s at least out of sight. :D

I believe our room is pretty much livable again. Hope we can keep it clean for longer than a couple of days now!